Monday, May 3, 2010

May’s Blogs of the Month

Another month, another selection of blogs. I do enjoy compiling these shortlists which enable me to get to know a few blogs better. I hope you do too.

In the kitchen and on the road with Dorie
Dorie Greenspan isn’t that well known in the UK but is a much-loved food writer in the states, especially among bakers. I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s incredibly nice - and absurdly modest, given her experience and talent. She splits her time between New York and Paris which makes for interesting reading. Brimful of enthusiasm and passion.

Nordljus is my beautiful blog of the month. It’s written - and stunningly photographed - by Japanese-born Keiko Oikawa who now lives in Suffolk in England. It’s been going for a good few years but I’ve only just become aware of it. Mouthwatering.

My wine words
A fun US wine blog from Peter and Allie who make some great videos on the My Wine Words Channel on YouTube. Peter is a wine pro, Allie describes herself as an enthusiast. The way wine blogs should be going

I have to declare an interest here. Signe Johansen - aka Sig - has worked with me on many projects including The Ultimate Student Cookbook but is now a star in her own right with this blog and forthcoming book Scandilicious. Absurdly talented she speaks six or seven languages. She’s gorgeous, a great cook and a very funny girl.

James Ramsden
And I couldn’t mention Sig without mentioning James, another brilliant young blogger to watch. He was one of the other authors of TUSC but has now gone on to greater things as a regular contributor to the Times and Sainsbury’s Magazine. His blog, which I rather regret is now soberly called James Ramsden rather than it’s original title of The Larder Lout - is clever, sharp and witty. He also runs an underground restaurant called The Secret Larder.



  1. Fiona, thank you so, so much for picking my blog to be in your monthly round-up. Im delighted you're enjoying my blog and flattered to be in such terrific company.

  2. Congrats to Scandi aka Sig for making the blog of the month! Great list of other blogs to look into!

  3. Not at all Dorie - your blog is always a pleasure to read. And glad you enjoyed the selection greekcookeryclass

  4. embarrassed to admit that Nordljus is new to me too
    totally stunning
    thanks for the link