Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some new (to me) blogs

It's been a while since I flagged up any new blogs. (Actually it's been a while since I posted at all. Mea culpa. Have been rushing round Portugal and then frantically finishing a book). But here are four that appeal.

First of all a blog called Hot Meals Now from Annie Nichols who used to write the Cheat's Dinner Party series for the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine. Not being a regular Telegraph reader I hadn't realised they'd dropped it. It happens but it's always sad to see a good column go.

There are some nice recipes on it like potato beetroot boulangère (anything involving potato is, of course, good), teradot sauce and lamb with harissa and anchovy butter. Simple but imaginative ideas. I like it.

Another Anne - a Luxembourg ex pat living in London - blogs at Anne's Kitchen, a very pretty blog with some nice recipe ideas and some goodlooking food photography (courtesy of a Canon 450D). Good web design too from a friend who runs a web design consultancy. (I'm always envious of people who've managed to escape the clutches of Blogger although I have to say that Hollow Legs new design, using a Blogger template, is pretty impressive.)

The Italian Dish - a blogger called Elaine who lives in Michigan - popped up with a comment on one of my blogs (embarrassed to say I can't remember which) a few weeks back. I checked out her own which particularly appealed because it includes drinks as well as food. Try this refreshing-looking Collinzano, a mixture of gin, Aperol and lime and lemon juice, topped up with soda. Yum.

I also love kokblog from Johanna Kindvall a Swedish graphic designer which is illustrated with her really charming line drawings. I can't wait to make her akvavit cured pork belly. I think it was Sig of Scandilicious who put me on to that one.

Interestingly all of them are women who, it strikes me, blog much more than men these days. Maybe it's because they're - we're - more willing to share our thoughts for free. Or just feel the need to connect about a subject they're passionate about. What do you reckon?


  1. Have bookmarked this to have a look at the blogs you've mentioned later on - always good to read new (as in, previously unencountered) food blogs!

    Either women blog much more than men - particularly about food - or women are simply better at promoting themselves and making others aware of their sites! There are always figures bandied around about how women talk more than men, how we have higher vocabularies in terms of regular usage of it simply that we're more comfortable talking about things as a gender?

  2. Ah, thanks Fiona! Those look great; added to the Google reader.

  3. *cough* I'm a bloke, I write a food blog. In my experience, the food blogging community seems to be fairly evenly split along gender lines...unless my view is skewed because subconsciously I somehow seek out food blogs written by men or sumfink. Hmmmmm

  4. Some great stuff to watch, but - like food shopping - I really should not read articles like this when I'm hungry! I want to eat the lot.

    But I suppose I came here to say was that there are men out there blogging about food, honestly, me included! Some of them are even interesting - but I'll leave it to you to decide if I'm included in that set.

  5. OK boys I take it all back. Well nearly all: I still think there are more women out there blogging and tweeting away about food. Like your blog though @whatsforteatonightdear, particularly the way it's illustrated - will definitely add that to my list. And you know I'm a fan, Dan, although as one of our colleagues on Twitter commented men tend to write more about eating out than eating in. Fair?

    Suspect you may be right though @bristolbites ;-)

  6. A provocative post!

    I'm not so fussed about blogs about restaurants, so I really do see a lot more of the cooking blogs. And like Dan I really feel it is an even split.


  7. In my experience women are the majority but interestingly most professional food writers/ restaurant critics seem to be men. Similar to how more women are the cooks at home while men are chefs perhaps?

  8. Exactly my point @Gourmet Chick. Men write brilliantly about food, just expect to be paid for it. Women too, obviously, just don't think it drives them quite as much. Sweeping generalisation, obviously - always exceptions to every rule.

  9. Maybe it's that women tend to do the socialising bit (Twitter etc) a bit more and so you notice there blogs more? Not necessarily my opinion - just a thought! For the record, i just set up my own food blog (still in progress!) and I am a woman - with a man's name :) I'm definitely going to check out those food blogs you've mentioned!

  10. Funnily enough this was the topic of discussion on Robert Elm's radio show on of of the lunchtime shows this week. He and Maxwell Hutchinson, I think, were in agreement with you in that women do seem to be massive in the food blogging world.
    Just take a look at how many there are on both Mumsnet & Netmums for example, mine being one of them, but I am a total beginner and still get overwhelmed by the big guns!
    I personally blog as a creative outlet as a mother who was a chef, it is my way of being involved with food & cooking without going back to a world of extremely unsociable, unmanageable hours.
    Perhaps what is so good is that women can talk to their hearts content without being edited in any way. Freedom of speech !
    I must admit that I love Twitter too, a bit of fun and great for networking with other like minded people.....!

  11. Hi
    as all the blogging blokes on here say contraversial point, maybe all the blokes should write BBQ blogs? ;)
    I love to cook, and the blogging thing is new to me, maybe you could set out to encourage some of us manly bloggers, and there may well be some more of us out there?

  12. Hi Marcus - that's a nice blog - love the look of those pizza crusts and breads. Obviously there are blokes like you with great blogs out there but I would say most of the new ones I hear about (mainly through Twitter) are by women. For the reasons you've suggested, @LondonFoodster and @howtocookgoodfood ... (Love the look of your twist on Caesar salad, Laura, btw)

    I do feature blogs regularly so don't hesitate to draw my attention to yours if you've just started a new one.

  13. Hi Fiona,
    thank you for having a look, yes I can see it as a barrier not doing the whole twitter thing, I don't do twitter myself, not sure if that would leave me at a disadvantage really, but I don't know anyone who tweets among my friends, I do enjoy reading all the blogs out there, and there do seem to be a lot of good blogs with the feminine touch

  14. Hi Fiona,

    I love discovering new blogs. My favourite new ones from your list were Anne's Kitchen and The Italian Dish.

    I was very surprised that there were no male bloggers at all at Food Blogger Connect, apart from Nando who was there as a speaker.

    Do male bloggers feel they don't have anything to learn? I see a lot of male bloggers start but then give up - which is a shame when they have great talent. Maybe they get bored more easily?

    It was lovely to meet you, as I've said. My favourite blog discovery of that day was Poires au Chocolat. She's only 22, but has great talent. She's graduated from Oxford and is going to train as a Patisserie chef. A future star I'm sure.

  15. PS I like the recipes on What's For Tea Tonight Dear so will now follow that one too!

  16. That was fascinating wasn't it, Ren? For the reasons I suggested above, I think.

    And I'd bookmarked Poires au Chocolat too - shame I didn't meet her