Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why Scandi women don't get fat

Yesterday's EatScandi brunch, run by my friend Signe Johansen, revealed the devious way Scandinavian women avoid putting on weight.

The answer is to start healthily - well quite healthily, if you opted for the non-alcoholic Bloody Mary*, but needless to say I didn't - followed by a 'Green Goddess'*, a bracing concoction of cucumber, mint, ginger and apple juice and a raspberry, vanilla and ginger smoothie*.

Even the Jarlsberg and fennel muffins* (above) had bee pollen in them.

There was homemade yoghurt* (delicious - never buy it ready-made again) with Queen's compote* - a tart, anti-oxidant-rich concoction of blueberries and raspberries.

And gravlaks* with beetroot salad and wafer thin, and I'm sure not the least calorific, sourdough crispbreads by which time we must have clocked up our five a day.

And then the descent into sinfulness: irresistible cinnamon buns.

Norwegian vanilla and sour cream waffles* (with more Queen's compote).

And indecently chocolatey chocolate and hazelnut brownies.

Fortunately for our waistlines the promised cardamom doughnuts didn't materialise. Sig said the dough had played up but I think she was merely taking pity on us.

So that's the Scandi diet, folks. Plenty of fruit and veg, a moderate amount of dairy and protein and a treat (or three) at the end of the meal. Oh, and probably a fair bit of wild-water swimming, cross-country skiing and other energetic Scandi pursuits and you too could look like Sig. Maybe.

If you want to experience the Scandi brunch - and Scandi suppers - for yourself you can check the dates on Sig's blog. You can find all the recipes marked * in her brilliant first book Scandilicious - and the brownies and more in her new book Scandilicious Baking which is out in July.


  1. Sounds and looks all very nice. Might even consider getting the book from just looking at the pictures.

  2. SOunds so lovely! I am determined to make a trip down from Edinburgh to a future brunch!! Really looking forward to the baking book.

  3. Great write up! Am heading over brunch on 6th May with 2 other friends. Shall definitely have a fun time!

    1. You'll love it, Innovative Baker. It's so different from anything else on offer. And do go, Victoria.

      And get the book, Chris - loads of lovely, simple, healthy(ish!) recipes.

  4. I have a copy of Signe's book, and I love it! Can't wait to try out some of the recipes. Being a Norwegian myself, who blogs about Scandinavian food, Signe's book is such a fun--and delicious-looking--read.

  5. Wow, that looks so good! Like a spread of all my favourite things. I do keep meaning to book in for brunch - not to mention dropping enormous hints to friends and family about how much I want Signe's first book. I think it's time to take control of the situation and buy/book asap!