Thursday, November 26, 2009

Welcome to Food & Wine Finds!

Well, it didn’t take me long to get back into blogging! As those of you who followed my previous blog The Frugal Cook will know my reason for giving up was that I’d run out of steam and felt I was beginning to repeat myself. But once I stopped I realised I had so many things to share that didn’t really fit in to my existing websites or the papers and magazines I write for and which I wanted to write about at greater length than the 140 characters offered by Twitter. So here I am at it again . . .

What will you find on this blog? Well, a bit of everything but mainly things that are not already heavily promoted and which you might not otherwise come across:

* Great raw ingredients and products and snippets of advice about what to do with them. (Though most of the stuff I write about cheese will be on my dedicated cheese blog The Cheeselover)

* Restaurants, pubs and cafés that don’t merit a major review but which are worth seeking out. (And dishes from restaurants I’m inspired by)

* Interesting bits of kitchen kit (I am, I confess, a gadget freak)

* Wines that are off the beaten track (and probably the odd beer and spirit too)

* Bargains: good deals I spot that are worth taking advantage of - and ones that aren’t quite as good as they seem . . .

* Books - not the big name glossy chef books but interesting byways like the book I’ve just published with Bristol chef Stephen Markwick. Old books too.

Interesting websites and blogs - on top of my regular links

Turkeys - most of the blog will be about things I'm really enthusiastic about but there will be an occasional brickbat . . .

So I look forward to having you with me - enjoy the ride!


  1. Hooray!

    All sounds great, Fiona. Can't wait to read your forthcoming posts.

  2. looks like another must-visit in the making...

  3. congratulations! we look forward to visiting your site. x

  4. Great idea! Look forward to reading more about gadgets, reviews, books and the odd turkey ;-)

  5. Yay, looking fwd to following!

  6. Excellent! I am very relieved that you have started up again :)

    Could you please enable the name/url option on the comments though? It's a right palaver otherwise...

  7. Ah, thank you all! That really makes me feel I did the right thing. Look forward to lots of exchanges over the coming weeks and months (and yes, Helen will try and sort out the name/url thingy. (You can see how deeply technical I am about these things . . .)

  8. Hmmm. Don't appear to have a name/url option. Any guidance?

  9. Yay! It's nice to have you back Fiona