Friday, June 4, 2010

June’s blogs of the month

Only four this month. I’ve been slacking on my blog-spotting . . .

Eat like a girl
An overdue mention of Niamh Shield’s Eat Like a Girl - not that she really needs one: she's one of the UK’s best known food bloggers and was recently listed by the Times among their 40 bloggers who really count. I’m not sure how she finds time to work as she’s always popping off to have lunch for her new Posh Lunch Club feature, or going to tastings or writing up recipes or running a market stall or masterminding last year’s famous Blaggers’ Banquet but she’s a great girl.

Love and a Licked Spoon
A wry, sharply observed, self-deprecating blog from food writer and editor Debora Robertson who I think I’m right in saying once worked for what is now Waitrose Kitchen (née Waitrose Food Illustrated) You won't find this sentence on their pages: “Cake: the shortest measurable distance between now and then, something about its comforting sweetness pulls memories from their recesses better than any truth drug. Cutting into a big, soft slice is the culinary equivalent of ‘Once upon a time…’ And that’s the real joy of blogs

Recipe Rifle
The strapline of Recipe Rifle is ‘getting recipes wrong so you don’t have to’ but that doesn’t really do its creator, journalist Esther Walker, justice. She doesn’t get them THAT wrong for heaven’s sake - or at least no more wrong than the rest of us - and besides she writes prolifically and brilliantly, in a non-stop stream-of-consciousness that would be worth reading even if you weren’t into cooking at all. She also seems to have quite a short fuse which must make for an interesting domestic life. Her husband - as of a month or so ago - is the self-confessedly choleric restaurant critic Giles Coren to whom she is touchingly devoted.

Taste Languedoc: a blog about the wines of the South of France
I feel slightly embarrassed I didn’t know about this blog until the other day, not least because we have a house in the Languedoc and its author Rosemary George as well as being a fine wine writer is a neighbour - well 20 minutes away which almost counts as foreign in French village terms. Anyway it is - exactly as it says - all about Languedoc wines and winemakers and very well-written and authoritative it is too.


  1. Thanks Fiona! Such kind words, I am very flattered to be included.

  2. Thanks so much Fiona. I'm very touched to be included. Back from Agde now, having enjoyed many a moule Chez Loulou. London is hotter than the Languedoc, wiltingly...