Saturday, July 10, 2010

July’s Blogs of the Month

Blimey, how time flies! It’s July 10th already and I’ve only just got round to putting up my blogs of the month. Put it down to post-Noma excitement and frantically trying to pull together a book(ette) which I’ll be telling you more about in due course.

Gourmet Traveller
I’ve been corresponding with the anonymous Gourmet Traveller on my recent visit to Copenhagen and hadn’t realised what an inveterate traveller she (I think she’s a she) was. She eats at some good places: check out her recent review of Paris’s controversial Le Chateaubriand. A minor quibble - I'd ditch that black background. Food mags are printed on white for a reason.

Joy the Baker
I have to confess I’m not big on baking but the ideas and pictures on LA-based Joy Wilson’s baking blog could almost - almost - tempt me to take it up, if only to see what that yummy-looking avocado pound cake tastes like. She has a HUGE following: 186 comments on a wedding cake post alone. Let no-one doubt the power of the blogger.

While on the subject of cakes - and for another insight into the devotion they inspire - check out the The Cake Committee which reports on London-based get-togethers where everyone brings their own cake. It seems to have spawned several international offshoots or 'slices' as they call them, as in The Singapore Slice. Seems to be a bit of a craze in Japan too.

And don't miss a visit to Cake Wrecks, a hilarious celebration of cakemaking disasters, another site that has attracted a cult following in the US (over a million and a quarter followers on Twitter alone). Apparently all the cakes are made by professional cakemakers. Unbelievable.

A Forkful of Spaghetti
A blog which will be familiar to British food bloggers but maybe not to the rest of you and one of the first blogs I followed regularly. Helen is not afraid to speak her mind - witness this post on London’s celebrated La Fromagerie, an institution few food writers would dare to criticise. I'm personally a fan but I haven't had the experience she obviously did so good for her. Some classy photographs too.


  1. Cake Wrecks is frickin' hilarious... always look at that when I need cheering up. Simple but genius.

    Love the idea of The Cake Committee... will keep my eyes peeled for London events!

    Thanks for the tips Fiona

  2. They don't seem to have posted much lately but a great idea. Modern WI!