Friday, March 25, 2011

Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon

I tasted some fantastic smoked salmon this week at The Albion in Islington. Actually I didn't order it so it was half demolished by the time I got to try it. As you can see from the photo.

It came from Hansen & Lydersen who are hardly new kids on the block having been smokers in Norway since 1923 but the youngest scion of the family, Ole Hansen, has now set up in Stoke Newington. Although the fish appears to receive quite robust treatment (they use, they say, 100% pure juniper, beech wood flour and chips from smoked products specialist Dansk Traemel and smoke the salmon for a minimum of 10 hours) the end result is very delicate subtle cure.

I think it rivals Frank Hederman and Ummera, up to now my favourite smokers.

They don't sell it vac packed as they think it destroys the quality. You can buy sides or fillets through Hubbub which organises an online service for independent shops in that part of North London


  1. Mmmm, looks delicious; currently all sold out though, wonder if due to you??

  2. wouldn't flatter myself ;-) But I think they also sell at Broadway market

  3. Hi, i also have tried this and its VERY good, but also i have found another amazing smoker, The Shropshire Smokery that produces wild smoked salmon infused with Chase vodka.... Hiccup