Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time to move on!

Since I've revamped my website I've decided to rationalise my blogs and this one,  I'm afraid,  has become redundant.

Well, not quite. I might still put up the odd post on the food scene in Bristol or have the occasional rant but for my restaurant and book reviews you should check out the website and sign up, if you like, for the monthly newsletter which will have other news and tips about new products I've spotted (and on which I hope I can occasionally get you some kind of a discount. For UK readers, at least)

We'll also be having regular competitions on the site. There's a cracking one to kick off with* to celebrate the relaunch which gives you the chance to win a case of Louis Roederer champagne so make sure to check that one out!

(*Until June 5th 2012).

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