Saturday, August 7, 2010

Denman Hunter Valley Semillon

I had my first wine of the 2010 vintage this week - a Denman Hunter Valley Semillon from Tesco. One of their better wines, from the ‘Finest’ range. They seem to have a schizophrenic attitude to our local (Clifton, Bristol) Metro which has a mainly student clientele but is also quite posh. In fact many of the students are posh too but they’re on holiday at the moment so I guess this gives them a chance to focus on some slightly more expensive bottles.

Not that it’s a bad price at £8.31 but it’s fascinating to see that they’re currently offering it on their website for £5.99 a bottle and for even less through their Wine Club where a case of six is selling for £34.14 or £5.69 a bottle

Turns out that it’s the 2006 vintage which normally would be a no-no in the case of white wine but Hunter Valley semillon, which comes from just north of Sydney, is one of those rare whites that ages really well, acquiring the slightly limey, petrolly notes you get with old riesling. (An acquired taste but one I like.)

The 2010 is still a babe in arms by comparison and you may well find it uncomfortably sharp at this stage but it’ll taste pretty good with seafood, salads - and sushi, according to the back label. We had it the other day with some smoked salmon paté with which it went brilliantly

Its other virtue is that it’s just 11% which makes it a good midweek pour.

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