Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thali Cafe's Tiffin Tin

I have a bit of a history with the Thali Café. They opened round the corner a few months ago and deluged us with leaflets urging us to come in. We went, loved it and tried to go again. Whatever time we tried to book they were full.

I suggested they should set aside a few tables for walk-in customers as many restaurants do. They rather sniffily suggested I book a week ahead - for a caff, for goodness sake. So I decided to give up on them and felt very cross about the whole thing.

But then I got an urge for their fresh coriander and coconut chutney (which is amazing) and I found myself down there buying one of their multi-tier tiffin tins for a pricey £20. Which isn't as bad as it sounds as it included an initial order of a vegetable thali and subsequently you just take your container along and get it filled up. The first refill is apparently at half price but I don't know if they will remember and I can't prove I haven't been back in the meantime.

Anyway £7 for a veggie feast that's big enough for two is good in anyone's book. It currently includes - and I quote from their website - Yellow Tarka Dahl Subji (north Indian vegetables), Thoran (vegetables cooked in coconut and spices), Tomato & Tamarind chutney and Rice & Keralan Salad though the picture below, which I took a few weeks ago, seemed to include a vegetable curry. It's also much lighter, more fragrant and less oily than the average takeaway and I have to say a great way to avoid excess packaging.

So, I've found a way to get my thali fix and they've regained a customer. I still think they should set a few tables aside though . . .


  1. I was really interested to read about this and see the pictures. I heard about this or something very similar in Bristol on the radion a few months ago and thught it was a splendid idea. Being a lover of vegetarian curries, I would so love to have something similar where I live. How long does the food stay hot for though?

  2. Slightly longer than in a foil carton I'd have thought though I haven't put it to the test as I just live round the corner!

    Some friends who live over in Montpelier say they bought a tin for just £6 from the Bristol Sweet Mart and get it filled up for a fiver from Mela!

  3. They stay hot for over an hour