Sunday, September 5, 2010

Melito - the new Pret?

With a daughter working near Oxford Circus I frequently find myself casting around for somewhere to have a quick lunch with her. Scandinavian Kitchen, though I like it, is a bit of a hike, Polpo, a great favourite, just a shade too far but now along comes Melito, just north of Oxford Circus which is pretty well the perfect solution.

Actually I can't think why no-one thought of it before. It's a cross between a pizzeria and a salad bar selling 'Roman-style' pizza by the slice so you don't spend your afternoon in a great carb-induced slump. You either buy a couple of pieces (from £2.95) or, as we did, a focaccia sandwich. Mine was stuffed with goats cheese, red pepper, rocket and pesto, a pitch-perfect combination with a lovely thin crisp crust. We also shared a small chicken caesar salad (£2.75) - just in the interests of research, you understand - which was equally impressive for the price.

What I like about it is that the food hasn't been sitting in some chill cabinet for the best part of a day which is the kiss of death to flavour and texture.

They also have free wi-fi which makes it a good place for catching up on your mail so long as you manage to avoid getting pizza crumbs over your keyboard.

Whoever owns it is bound to be thinking of rolling out a chain so watch out for one opening near you. It sure as hell beats Pret.


  1. Some great recommendations there Fiona, thank you. I'm always looking for something around there when I'm in London, will try..

  2. Glad it's useful. Some good cheap new places in Soho too which I'll blog about another time.