Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ivory Coast Chocolate

I've written before about my predeliction for plain chocolate bars (about my only concession to chocoholism) and here's my latest find which comes - astonishingly - from Tesco.

It's a 74% bar from the Ivory Coast and costs just 82p which is an absolute steal. It's dark, rich and mellow with a slightly fudgy texture, much less smooth than a bar like Lindt Excellence. Normally I don't like bars that are higher than 70% but it wears its extra cocoa solids lightly. I found in the small print on the back it was produced in France.

Will this appeal as much to those of you are chocolate obsessives? Maybe it won't be sweet or smooth enough but at this price you can afford to find out. I suspect it would make an amazing chocolate mousse.

PS I wondered whether to write about this here or on my Frugal Cook blog which you might like to visit if you're in search of bargains or suggestions of what to do with them


  1. I actually bought this on your recommendation Fiona! I actually braved Strescos. It is very nice.

  2. Glad you liked it! Have a feeling it would make a really good chocolate cake too

  3. It's a steal for you, but costs Ivory Coast children and slaves (yes, slaves) their lives. Congrats on your find... eat up now, chocoholic. Your addiction is irresponsible and unsustainable.