Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogs of the month

A very late blogs of the month post due to a long overdue holiday which I should have announced before I went away (for those of you who might have thought I'd abandoned this blog).

Anyway here are four to enjoy:

Ideas in Food
Food science and flavour combining are hugely popular right now, especially in the US so dip into this fascinating blog - and book - from Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot who met when they were working at Clio in Boston and now have a restaurant consultancy business. There are some fascinating posts - most recently what to do with grilled outer leek leaves and how to poach oysters at 48° and still retain the briny taste. Fascinating reading.

Eggs on the roof
A charming, quirky, beautifully written and photographed blog from Oxford-based journalist, writer and broadcaster Charlie Lee-Potter. The title apparently stems from her childhood when her mum's best friend told her that if she threw an egg over the top of their house, it would never break . . . Mainly but not exclusively about food but well worth reading even when it isn't

And another gorgeous looking blog from food photographer and writer Pascale Cumberbatch. Oddly, like Charlie, she lives in - or rather just outside Oxford. And also photographs landscapes and scenery. I love her intermingling of colour and black and white photography. Beautiful.

Jim's Loire
Jim is Jim Budd, a British wine writer who spends half his time in London and the rest in the Loire and Lisbon (long story. Don't ask.) Anyway he's a mine of information on what is happening in the Loire vineyards and to small producers all over France. (Like me he's very interested in natural wine.) He's also a fearless exposer of wine scams through his site Good bloke.


  1. Fiona, thanks for including me on this list. I'm delighted and it made my day! I know lovely Charlie from Eggsontheroof, but it's great to learn of the other bloggers you feature this month. Pascale

  2. Hi Pascale. I find it much more rewarding than a blogroll. I enjoy focussing on a few blogs each month and really getting to know them. (For some reason you're doesn't update on Blogger btw. Maybe because it's not technically a blog?)

  3. Hi Fiona I was so happy to find myself here. Writing and photographing a blog is sheer pleasure, but even lovelier if it has a wider appeal. And great to find my friend Pascale here, as well as two other writers I'm looking forward to getting to know. Thank you. Charlie