Sunday, February 20, 2011

A mushroom that tastes like a scallop

We've been eating a lot of mushrooms lately thanks to our enterprising greengrocer Reg the Veg (yes, it is called that). I've been enjoying the blewitts but yesterday we were really blown away by a mushroom I'd never heard of called eryngi.

Apparently it's a type of oyster mushroom which is also known as King Trumpet or French Horn mushroom I discover from Wikipedia. (You do have to hand it to them. They have an instant answer for everything)

They have more flavour than most of the oyster mushrooms I've tasted but, more importantly, a lovely firm texture. I cut them into scallop-shaped rounds, seasoned them and fried them briefly in a little oil and butter and they were absolutely delicious - a brilliant veggie substitute for scallops.

We had them with braised fennel* and buttered spinach*, also from Reg which I have to say is right up there with the best London greengrocers (although they could do with updating their website ;-) If you live in Bristol you should use them.

A creamy fennel purée or creamed spinach would have been even better but I couldn't be bothered to go and buy cream . . .


  1. Are they the ones opposite Primrose Cafe? I had a look couple of weekends back, when visiting Bristol. Looked really lovely produce but, blimey, was expensive!

  2. They are and it is! But in the case of the mushrooms you don't need much of them and I don't find it works out more expensive than the supermarket most of the time

  3. Good to know, we're still planning a trip to Bristol on a day we can actually go to the basement, and also do some cooking at our friend's place!

  4. Well, let me know when you do and we can meet up this time!

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