Friday, February 4, 2011

February's blogs of the month

Being in the middle of a book project (don’t ask!) I haven’t had much time for dipping into blogs over the last few weeks so I’ve shamelessly picked up on some recommendations from fellow bloggers and tweeters for you to follow.

Recently flagged up by cookery publisher Quadrille, a clever blog written by two sisters and fellow journos Claire and Lucy (though Claire seems to do most of the posting). It’s mainly for harassed mothers of young children hence the highly practical division of the recipes into 5, 10 and 20 minutes and ‘a little bit longer’. including - and I like this one - slack mummy soup. Very sparky writing - there must be a book in this (which Quadrille has no doubt snapped up).

Closet Cooking
I nicked this one from my mate James Ramsden who drew attention to the Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) post in his weekly round-up. It’s one of those amazing blogs that seems to have come from nowhere created by a young Canadian called Kevin simply because he ‘came to realize that my meals were boring’. As you can see from his posts and pix they are far from it now. As his 5288 followers (at the time of writing) seem to testify

The Wine Detective
Diligently updated and well-informed blog from award-winning writer Sarah Ahmed. As she openly points out she specialises in the Loire, Australia, South Africa and Portugal (most of us wine hacks try and give the impression we’re on top of everything) so if you’re particularly interested in what’s happening on the wine scene in those countries follow her on her blog or on Twitter where she tweets as @sarahwine.

Paris by Mouth
We’re hoping to reschedule the trip to Paris we had to postpone just before Christmas so I’ll be keeping an eye on this excellent collaborative blog which has the current lowdown on the city's food scene. It’s also got some great guides so if you want to check out the latest in wine bars, for example, (which we do) or where to go for oysters (ditto) you can find it there.


  1. thanks for the heads up on some wonderful new blogs to read

  2. Not at all. Glad you like it. It's fun for me to discover new blogs too.

  3. Well I've been following Kevin's blog for YEARS Fiona. Where have you been? ;)

  4. Hello Fiona, Claire from Crumbs here. Thanks so much! Lucy writes about half the stuff, we just haven't figured out how to get that to show! We're still quite novice, we only began in September. Thanks so much for the mention.

  5. I know NOTHING obv, Helen ;-)

    And lovely blog, Claire and Lucy. Hope you do get a book out of it . . .