Monday, January 23, 2012

Chairman's Reserve 'The Forgotten Casks' rum

If you've never been to Gerry's of Old Compton Street, remedy that straightaway. It's the best offie in London - not that I spend a lot of time hanging round offies - with every drink you can possibly imagine.

They also have a thing about rum, hence a monthly rum promotion which this month - as it was last month and apparently next month* - is the Chairman's Reserve 'The Forgotten Casks' from St Lucia distillers - a sumptuous rum that tastes of dark, fudgy muscovado sugar. At £26.50 (around £29 elsewhere) it's a bargain.

The story goes that the rum was produced after the company discovered a number of casks which they'd thought were lost after a fire destroyed part of the distillery in 2007. I haven't tasted the regular Chairman's Reserve so can't vouch how special they were but it did pick up a gold medal and best in class trophy at last year's International Wine and Spirit Competition. The perfect drink for the last dark days of January, anyway.

* So possibly only a new rum every three months but hey, who minds that?


  1. Not a rum-related query but would love your thoughts about the pairing of whisky and seafood. I went to a whisky showcase evening at a fabulous local restaurant called The Larderhouse, where they served delicious rollmops with a glass of Talisker. Worked very well for all concerned but recently a couple of well-known chefs declared fish and whisky a huge faux-pas. What do you reckon?

  2. They may possibly have been talking about shellfish. There is a convention that you shouldn't drink whisky and oysters for example because it makes them hard to digest though I've never established the scientific basis for this. But whisky and pickled fish works fine, as you've discovered and - even better - whisky and smoked fish like smoked salmon,