Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cut price pink fizz

It may be a cliché but pink fizz is a good buy around Valentine's Day whether you're making a romantic gesture or not.

True, the discounts are not all they might seem. This bottle of vintage Cava isn't worth £12.49 IMO but it's worth at least three quid more than the £5.99 Tesco is currently charging for it. And is far better value than a lot of much more expensive rosé champagne.

The truth is that supermarkets are falling over each other to lure you through their doors on big-spending occasions like Valentine's Day which this year coincides with the Chinese New Year, a double opportunity to part you with more than your usual weekly shopping budget.

Ironically this is a bottle that will serve you well for both celebrations. Fruity rosé is a good partner for Chinese food as well as being a classic Valentine wine. Cordoniu is a decent producer and this vintage rosado, a blend of Monastrell (Mourvèdre) and Pinot Noir, is well balanced and dry without the confected boiled sweet flavours than you might expect from the depth of the colour.

If your local Tesco still has some I'd lay in a few bottles for summer drinking

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