Sunday, February 21, 2010

Suffolk Heritage apple juice

One of the advantages of getting out into the country is that it increases your chances of drinking good apple juice. This russet apple juice from Suffolk Heritage Orchards was on offer at breakfast at the Anchor at Walberswick where I've been staying for the past couple of days (so much nicer than packaged orange juice) but I seem to remember having it before in Orford just down the coast.

It's the kind of drink that makes you feel that being teetotal need not be a penance - not that I'm contemplating it in the near future . . . Beautifully pure, flavoursome and healthy-tasting, it apparently comes from three different kinds of russet apple and is pressed at the farm

It's the kind of product England does particularly well. It reminds me of one I tried a while ago at Barley Wood Walled Garden in Wrington near Bristol. You can almost certainly find a similar one somewhere near you.



  1. Being teetotal would certainly be a penance, no matter how good that apple juice is! lol.

    Another interesting read Fiona!

  2. Well there are times for abstention, Luigi - breakfast for instance ;-)

  3. You have a point, but Baileys over Cornflakes is rather nice you know! :)