Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A clever wheeze from Toptable Spotlight

I have to admit I’ve never been a big fan of the restaurant booking site Top Table. The deals never seem good enough or the restaurants interesting enough to tempt me. But they’ve launched a clever new scheme called Toptable Spotlight where they put up a cut price deal each Wednesday with a really big discount.

Today they kick off with one of my favourite restaurants Rowley Leigh’s Le Café Anglais. Favourite because I love the style of food, they have a great wine list, you can take anyone of any age there (I often eat there with my daughter) and it’s within walking distance of Paddington station so I can easily make it for lunch or supper before staggering home to Bristol.

You can buy £40 of food for £20 which is a good deal because it’s not tied - as these offers normally are - to the early evening or lunchtime (when you can admittedly already get a 2 course meal for £18.50). And you can use the voucher at any time over the next six months. (Apparently 12 now, they say)

The only snag is you can only use one voucher per table which makes it rather more useful for two than for four or more. It also doesn’t include the service charge or - more obviously - wine and ‘can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer’ so presumably not for the fixed price lunchtime deals.

The deal stays open for 36 hours (another 23 hours 37 minutes at the time of writing) and there will be another one somewhere else next week.