Sunday, January 2, 2011

January's blogroll (2011)

New Year, new blogs. I hope you enjoy this regular feature as much as I do. It’s fun dipping into a few blogs on a regular basis and really getting to know them. I can always tell the ones I enjoy most when I miss them and have to go hunting for them. (Yes, I know I should have put them on an RSS feed or Google Reader but as you’ll see from the last post I’ve just discovered the app Blogshelf which is a much more gratifying way of reading them).

Things Organised Neatly
Discovered (just a few minutes ago) through Twitter thanks to Paris-based cookery writer Trish Deseine, this stunning Tumblr hosted blog created by US design student Austin Radcliffe isn’t restricted to food but shows pictures of perfectly placed objects. My life is so far from this you wouldn’t believe but I can dream . . .

Smitten Kitchen
Many of you will already be familiar with this blog from one of the States’ big food blogging stars Deb who "likes bourbon, artichokes, things that taste like burnt sugar and baked goods with funny names" but it’s worth flagging up for those of you who don’t. A good read, great recipe ideas and drool-over photography. What more do you want? (A book? There will be one in 2012)

One good blog leads to another and I discovered Lobstersquad through an interview with Deb in Serious Eats. It’s written and charmingly illustrated by Spanish illustrator Ximena Maier who lives in Scotland (och! That must be hard given the weather this winter. However she must have lived or worked in Britain or Spain - her English is perfect - so maybe she’s used to it.) Some really nice ideas such as a quick way of cooking red cabbage in a pressure cooker.

Love that Languedoc
As I’ve mentioned before we have a house in the Languedoc and this is a new - or new to me - wine blog I’ve discovered by another young American Ryan O’Connell who makes wine with his parents at Domaine O'Vineyards (love the name!) Not that regularly updated but an object lesson for wineries on how to use social media. He’s also published an interesting ebook on their appellation Cabardès.


  1. Thanks for including me in the January blogroll! :) Come by and visit some time!

  2. We will! (Though not sure when as we're the other side of the Languedoc just north of Beziers)

  3. Maybe you'll come to VinoCamp in March. It's in Carcassonne and will have lots of wine geeks talking about wine and Internet (in French).

  4. Really? Sounds great. My French is probably just about up to it. My husband's certainly is. Is there a link to the event?