Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Equity for Punks

I've been a bit short on New Year's Resolutions this year. The usual - Be More Organized/Lose Weight/Take More Exercise have something of a hollow ring to them as they invariably get abandoned by the end of January. At least I haven't joined a gym which must have cost me hundreds of pounds in wasted memberships in the past.

However I did think as I was sitting in my local The Portcullis the other day I should try a new beer - well, new to me - every week.

Goodness knows it must be achievable and after the initial 'You've resolved to drink more booze?' reaction is quite a laudable aim. I like beer but I usually drink wine by default. The Portcullis (above right) is literally 5 minutes down the road and always has interesting brews on tap. I can pop down, order a half of something interesting and read the paper for half an hour. Not excessive, not expensive, doing my bit for Britain's (and occasionally Europe's) beleaguered brewing industry. What's not to approve of?

The first beer of the year then is BrewDog's Equity for Punks. Not their Punk IPA although for all I know, not having tried that either previously, it may be similar. It's probably the most restrained of the BrewDog brews being a comparatively modest 3.7% but being BrewDog much more full on than a normal bitter with a pronounced floral aroma and rich malty finish. A good quaffer or companion for such pubby staples as pork pies and Ploughmens.

It also has the same name as the fundraising scheme - Equity for Punks - BrewDog launched last year in typically unconventional fashion which offered 10,000 shares in the business for £230 each. Probably a good investment but not for me.

Not everyone approves of Brewdog's blatant showmanship as you can see this recent post from beer writer Roger Protz. and it's asking for trouble to launch a 32% ABV beer (Tactical Nuclear Penguin) but I like the wit and verve they've brought to the UK beer scene. And I like their beers.


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