Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top food trends for 2010

Just posted my annual review of food trends for 2010 on my website which unfortunately isn't best designed to receive comments. If you have any views - or suggestions of your own - do post them here.


  1. One from Ms GourmetChick ( who kindly reported the problem with the site:

    Very interesting Fiona particularly in light of some of the other articles I have read which say bacon is going to be huge! Agree that upmarket fast food will continue to grow - watch out for posh fish and chips! I am a little sad to hear that Hawksmoor is opening another restaurant - happy for Will's success but I liked the fact that there was only one of them!

    Agree - posh fish and chips also a strong contender. And don't worry if you're a Hawksmoor fan. Think you'll enjoy the new one ;-)

  2. Fiona,this is a really interesting list, and I think, as much as anyone can be, really likely to be true during the year, if not actual trends. I think the 4 I did on The Foodie Gift Hunter are more from a home cooks perspective, so am loving the prospect of this being the year of the sausage. We still have a buthcher in the village, who makes very good Lincolshire sausage - good enough that it's always on the menu at the Red Lion Inn in Stathern. Sure he'll be thrilled by the prospect!

  3. I think bacon has definitely been a trend in the US and I would almost declare 2009 as the year of the pig. If you look at the Serious Eats roundup, they mention it too. I'm hoping it goes away in 2010. Enough already!

  4. Sausages are always around of course, Helen, but I'm certainly seeing new ways to serve them. And a Scotch egg revival.

    And surely the US must be baconed out, Erica? Though I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of that enthusiasm for one of our best home-grown products here.