Sunday, January 3, 2010

January’s Blogs of the Month

I pronounced last month I wasn’t going to have a blogroll on this blog and instead pick out a few each month that appeal to me. Here are five for January:

Hale and Hearty
There are better looking, more frequently updated blogs than this one by Guardian writer Emma Sturgess but few that are better written. She was recently voted Restaurant Reviewer of the Year by the Guild of Food Writers and you can see why. A joy to read

Afraid you’ll need slightly more than a schoolboy/girl mastery of French to appreciate this sharp-witted vlog (most of the entries are videos) from Le Figaro’s restaurant reviewer Francois Simon. But even if you haven't you'll enjoy that sexy, gravelly voice.

The Pour
New York Times wine writer Eric Asimov’s excellent drinks blog (he covers beer as well as wine) is a great read - as are the comments from his large band of followers. One of the few wine writers to regularly tackle the subject of food and wine matching - look at this recent post on steak and madeira

Savory Sweet Life
I found this drop-dead-gorgeous looking food blog through The Pioneer Woman - one of my chosen bloggers last month. Alice, a former designer who lives in Seattle, only started blogging last year but shoots pix that are worthy of any glossy food magazine.

India Knight’s Posterous
Posterous, for those of you who haven’t yet clocked it, is a new extremely user-friendly blogging platform that’s particularly good for recording anything interesting you find online. And in the case of magpie-eyed Sunday Times writer India Knight that involves some very desirable stuff. (She should be a shopping editor if she gives up the day job.)




  1. Thank you so much for including me on your list, what an honor! Happy New Year!